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Thank Goodness For Moms

There are a bazillion  tributes to mothers for all the wonderful things they've done and their sacrifices. But what about our mom's funny and charming quirks?  I mean, all of us have an odd habit, a funny mannerism, a preferred spot on the couch, or some weird combination of comfort food for a snack. All of these are just as unique as a signature.

My mother's name is Edit

My mom's birth country is Hungary. She arrived in Canada as a young woman in 1958.
She met my dad in late 1959 and married him 11 weeks later in spring 1960.

mom 1962

Growing up in the suburbs of Montreal

In the mid 1960's to my childhood friends her Hungarian accent stood out a bit. Still today even after graduating at the age of 63 from McGill University, she pronounces "vowel" as "wowel" and "veal" as "wheel".   She still laughs more than we do!


My mom's quirks?

She has a few, but the most memorable is from when we were kids and she immersed herself into a good book.....her world stood still when she first read Erich von Däniken's Chariots of the Gods.  We could do almost anything, especially play hide and seek with kids on the street just a bit longer while she read and forgot the world existed!

In 1967, my grandmother (her mother)  bought my mom a Federal Glass brown daisy covered casserole. Countless baked ziti meals were served in this favorite casserole. She still has it! I remember no one was allowed to touch it. Only she carefully washed it by hand after dinner, in deep thought. Still today I wonder what was she thinking or where was she traveling while she did this?

brown daisyMom's signatures

They bring back smiles and are important memories as a testament to all the compromises our moms made for us to keep us happy, healthy, and live better lives.

These are just a few of my thoughts at this time of year.  I hope my item categories bring back a"signature" to you.

Happy Mothers Day