About Us

Pyrex Bowl - blueSince 1992 I’ve been a provider of vintage wares. Back then, I used a fax machine to receive orders, and standard mail to receive payments. Yes fax orders talk about vintage office!  For fun I  started with mid-century Pyrex and Fire King, shipping worldwide. Based on my customer’s requests I have added a lot of different items since then!

With my online and Facebook presence I’ve completed over 20,000 successful transactions. Any item I buy for my trendy friendly shop is something I truly love and I would happily keep for myself. But alas, I have a modest home already filled with a selection of my favorites.

Over two decades I’ve provided vintage items for collectors, cooks, and restaurants. I’ve provided many props for photographers and the television/film industry.

If you are looking for something specific (or even have a general concept of an item you would like) contact me to be placed on my wish list database and either myself or my friendly team of treasure hunters will keep our eyes open for something you might like.

I sincerely hope you enjoy your shopping experience with Value Vintage Fun!
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Thanks again for popping in your friend in vintage & fun,  Carina